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[sticky post] Welcome and Master List

Welcome to my journal - here you will find all my stories for various fandoms. These stories may contain adult materials, you have been warned! Have fun exploring and please leave a comment to let me know what you think. Thanks!

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Without Me (H/F)

Written for a prompt from Spot_On60:

The team has lost Murdock. He may have been killed during a mission (military or on the run). He may have been medically discharged from service. He may have been moved to a maximum security psychiatric hospital (Face tries unsuccessfully to break him out).

What does this do to the rest of them, Face or Hannibal in particular? How do they cope without? Hannibal can't get over the feeling he's let everyone down because he didn't somehow prevent it. Or Face is heartbroken to lose his best friend.

As you might guess, warnings apply for Major Character Death...

Without MeCollapse )

A Question Of Balance (H/F)

Written for a prompt from panda77777:

Face, who is normally the fittest and athletic amongst the team suddenly becomes very unsteady on his feet and keeps losing his balance. Maybe even hurting himself. At first the team find it funny but as time goes on Hannibal becomes more and more concerned. Face however is in denial and he"s fine and doesn't need to see the medics. A lot of hurt comfort, could be angsty but not a fatal illness. Set in the army if possible.

A Question Of BalanceCollapse )

Exposure (H/F)

Written for a prompt from Pasmore:

Face and Hannibal are spending a day off together near the base before leaving on a mission and thinking it's getting dark and there's no one around, and they're not going to be alone for a while, share a quick kiss/hug. Of course DADT is long gone, but they prefer to keep their relationship as private as possible. However, someone is taking a photo nearby and catches them in the background. The person who took the photo may not even notice them, but shares the photo with a friend who does notice, then someone who works on base notices a Ranger tattoo and before long the photo is doing the rounds of the base and eventually people work out who it is. The team has been on a mission this entire time and have no idea this has happened but return to find out that Hannibal and Face's relationship is now common knowledge.

It wasn’t a great photograph, not by any definition. Not something that would ever win a Pulitzer. The exposure was obviously wrong, and it was grainy and a little blurry, shadowy in all the wrong places, but by some twist of fate the two figures caught in the background were crystal clear. Two men, both tall, one silver-haired and one with artfully mussed caramel curls, locked together in a passionate embrace. And one very visible Ranger tattoo.Collapse )

Her Last Hope (H/F)

Written for a prompt from panda77777:

Face and Hannibal have left the army and have started a new life together. This was due to Face being invalided out of the army and Hannibal retiring to look after him. Which means that they never took part in the plate incident. However BA and Murdock stayed in the army and were framed by Black Forest and Morrison. After the trial Mrs Baracus shows up on their doorstep as a last resort. She's used up her money trying to prove BA and Murdock’s innocence and now she doesn't know who else to turn to. Maybe when the team had broken in two they hadn't parted on good terms, maybe the others felt Hannibal was too controlling where Face was concerned after he was wounded. But she doesn't know who else to turn to and she can see that Face is doing well. Maybe they let her stay with them. How Hannibal and Face help is up to the writer.

She had some nerve, showing up on their doorstep like this.Collapse )

Sticks And Stones (H/F)

Written to a prompt from indigo_angels:

Face is used to people making disparaging comments about his active sex-life and he doesn't let it bother him. But Hannibal goes ballistic when he hears some people describing his Lieutenant as a whore. Hannibal kicks butt (actually or metaphorically) and Face is left aghast, wondering why the boss cares that much...

“What the hell happened to you, man?” Face lifted his tanning goggles away as he stared up at Sergeant Bernard ‘Jackie’ Chan in shock. “You get jumped on the way back to your tent last night?”Collapse )

Just Hanging Around (H/F)

Written for a prompt from indigo_angels:

So, Joe Carnahan said:

“I had the greatest opening, I think, to the sequel. It was the Citadel in the middle of the desert and you see Hannibal on what looks like he’s on a dog sled, and you think he’s in the arctic and as you pull back you realize he’s taking these dogs over the dunes. A chopper flies overhead with a blackjack table cabled to the bottom of it, and he goes and plays this sheikh—I had actually written the scene, it’s a 15-page scene for the sequel—and he goes and plays this sheikh for Face’s freedom, and there’s a great moment where B.A. busts into this kind of prison and you see Face is on this torture wheel upside down. B.A.’s first line to him is, ‘You feel like whippin’ some ass?’ and Face says, ‘You know it’s funny, I do.’ (laughs).”(Sequel)

I'm just going to keep on putting this up there until someone writes it.

“You feel like whippin’ some ass?” BA asked his upside-down teammate as he moved quickly but quietly across the room, relieved to have found Face at last after far too long spent searching through the maze of cells.Collapse )

An Awful Shame (H/F)

Written for a prompt from Jullian Gray:

Face and Hannibal are together (either for a long time or just recently) but another team member is not happy about it. The jealous team member can tell themselves that it’s because they don’t like seeing Hannibal getting used by Face, however in reality it is because they are upset that Face has what they secretly want. What lengths will they take to get Hannibal away from Face, and at what cost to not only Hannibal and Face’s relationship but to the team’s as well.

Hannibal deserved better.Collapse )

Three Letters (H/F)

Written to a prompt from panda77777:

What about the government/army have a very difficult dangerous mission to take out a dangerous individual, they need a sniper, one of the best were no shot is impossible as the shot won't be easy. In other words they need Lieutenant Peck and can be Sosa or a Lynch is sent to contact him and make him a deal. The deal being he takes the mission, makes the kill shot and they will get their pardons, full reinstatement etc . In the meantime maybe Hannibal had been injured and when whoever contacts Face, he see's this as a way to get Hannibal help and BA and Murdock their freedom. Knowing that the others would stop him as he is fully aware it may well be a one way mission, he slips away and before he leaves for the mission he hands whoever (Sosa/Lynch) three letters, one each for the team. When the army/whoever you choose arrives to tell the others they are pardoned and to get Hannibal help they are handed Faces's letters. It could be that Face and Hannibal are in a relationship already or they haven't made that last step and in the letter to Hannibal it could be that Face pours out his feelings and tells him he loves him. After reading his letter Hannibal,who of course feels the same way about Face, needs to find his boy and bring him home and when he does he doesn't know if he will kiss him or kill him first. The mission of course is a success but maybe Face doesn't make the extraction point or does but is seriously wounded. Would like of course a happy ending but can be angsty as possible. Will leave it to the writer.

Stupid, stupid boyCollapse )