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[sticky post] Welcome and Master List

Welcome to my journal - here you will find all my stories for various fandoms. These stories may contain adult materials, you have been warned! Have fun exploring and please leave a comment to let me know what you think. Thanks!

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Signs Of Life 2 (H/F)

A/N: neither a sequel nor a continuation of 'Signs Of Life', but written from the same basic idea at the same time.

Signs Of Life 2Collapse )

Signs Of Life (H/F)

A/N: written for the 2018 Halloween challenge at the H/F Yahoo group.

Signs Of LifeCollapse )

Resolution (H/F) + (BA/M)

The conclusion to my 'Impregnable' series, following on from Emily.

ResolutionCollapse )

Emily (H/F)

Part six in the 'Impregnable' series, following on from Expecting. All previous warnings definitely still apply!

EmilyCollapse )

A Matter Of Trust (BA/Face)

Written in response to a prompt on the Yahoo Hannibal/Face group from Jullian Gray, who asked:

BA has had enough of Face for whatever reason, catting around, scamming, you name it Face has done it to piss him off (real or imaginary) can Hannibal get the two together and or make BA understand?

Obviously my brain immediately wandered off into BA/Face territory, then promptly became distracted by other prompts. I may yet come back to this and continue it, but for now I quite like what I had written, and I think it just about stands alone.

A Matter Of TrustCollapse )


In The Cold Light Of Morning

I found this forgotten little fic buried on my computer, originally written nearly 2 years ago shortly after In The Wake Of Spectre was posted, and I think I had grand plans to turn it into a Q/Tanner series. Hopefully this little piece still stands up well enough on its own, and someone might enjoy it!

In The Cold Light Of MorningCollapse )