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Keeping It Simple (BA/F)

Originally written as a birthday gift for crazyfoolstiney. BA and Face talk a little about their relationship, and how they define it. If it even needs defining!

BA shook his head, looking at the rows and rows of toys and games ahead of them. “Man, you sure you know what you’re doing? Whatever you get the fool is only gonna give him another way to drive me crazy!”

“Don’t be silly, Bosco.” Face squeezed his shoulder reassuringly as he slipped past, leaving BA with the trolley, already half-full with the team’s weekly food shop. “Like I’d do that to you. Again.”

Remembering the innocent-seeming remote controlled helicopter he’d bought Murdock last Christmas, on Face’s suggestion, BA grimaced at the memory of the state of his van after their crazy pilot had ‘fire-bombed’ it with paint. “You’d better not, man. Anything happens to me or my van - ”

“Don’t worry so much,” the other man called back, already picking out various electronic gadgets, staring at each for a moment with a slight frown before putting it back. “I’ll know it when I see it.”

“And what about the boss?” Why had he ever let Face talk him into getting some early Christmas shopping done? BA hated shopping at the best of times. “You ever gonna let me know what you got planned?”

“Keeping it simple. Couple of boxes of his favourite Cubans and some new books.” Face held up a box for him to inspect, and BA reluctantly pushed the trolley into the busy aisle, careful not to run over any children. “He’s been into Medieval European history recently.” 

He didn’t even question how Face knew that about their colonel – if anyone would know, it would be Face. Recognising the game – something involving angry birds – BA immediately vetoed the idea and watched as the LT slipped it back into place, moving on to the next shelf. “How long’s this gonna take, Face? What’s wrong with keeping it simple for Murdock too? He’s your best friend, man, come on!”

“He’s your best friend too!”

“No, you’re my best friend.” Maybe that was a little loud, he thought, as a little girl barely the height of his knee made an ‘aww’ noise, and BA felt himself blush as he quickly pushed the trolley even closer to where Face knelt.

“Best friend?” Wide blue eyes blinked up at him as Face paused in his rummaging. “I thought I was more than that. After all we’ve been through…”

For a moment, BA felt his heart speed up and terror set in, before those bright eyes twinkled and Face cracked a smile. “Damn, man,” he whispered, letting out a sigh. “Don’t do that to me!”

The other man pushed up to his feet, coming to stand by the side of the trolley. “Sorry, baby! It’s fun watching you panic.” Too many people around to make any kind of PDA, their eyes locked instead, and BA saw the depth of love he held for the other man reflected right back at him. After a moment, Face smiled one of his rare, natural smiles, and added softly, “You’re my best friend too. If friends are even allowed to do some of things we do…”

Time to mess with the conman at his own game. Carefully keeping his smirk under wraps and his voice low, BA started them moving down the aisle again, waiting until Face was distracted by the toys before asking, “Is that what this is to you then? Friends with benefits?”

Face slammed to a halt, and BA had actually pushed the trolley on a couple of feet before a strong arm wrapped around his bicep and pulled him to a stop too. “You really want to have that conversation here, Bosco?” His lover stepped right up close, keeping that hand locked tight, whispering right into his ear. “I thought I was meant to be the girl in this relationship?”

The other man’s shelf of beauty products and three different kinds of shampoo sprung to mind, but it probably wouldn’t be productive to bring that up right now. Not if he wanted sex later that night. “Easy, man. Just messing with ya.”

“You wanna call us fuck-buddies?” Face’s voice seemed to have dropped two octaves, though the note of teasing was back as well, and BA felt that familiar spike of lust to his groin as that skilled hand released the grip on his arm and stroked tenderly down his spine, coming to rest on the small of his back. “Or boyfriends?”

A shudder of horror. “Hell no, Temp. Too gay.”

“Newsflash.” A nip to his earlobe as Face moved close behind him. “We are gay.”

Willing his growing erection away –getting a hard-on in the kids section was surely one way to look like a paedophile – BA turned a little towards the shelves. “Partners? Lovers?” he suggested, pretending to study a display of Lego figures. Looked like they really were having this conversation after all.

Face paused until a group of screaming boys waving plastic swords had passed by. “’Lovers’ works ok, but what happened to keeping it simple?” Another pause, and BA looked up to meet blue eyes shining with love. “How about, we’re BA-and-Face?”

Nodding slowly, BA had to admit that made a lot of sense. Neither of them liked fitting into a box after all, and so much of their crazy relationship was a mixture of friendship, lust, passion, trust… All of that had grown into a deep, honest love, just like the best kind of relationships, he reflected. Whatever they wanted to call it, it worked just fine. But, as Face patted his back one last time and went to move away, BA had one last thought.

“Hey.” He caught Face’s hand before he got too far back into the toys. “Not BA-and-Face. How about, Bosco-and-Temp?”

Another rare, gentle smile from the other man, and Face quickly looked up and down the aisle before leaning forwards. The kiss was quick but tender, a promise of things to come later that evening, when they finally finished this never-ending shopping spree. As another family rounded the corner into their aisle, BA started to push the trolley forwards once more, Face falling into step beside him, a comfortable silence growing between them.

If Face had one hand tucked into BA’s back pocket, and if BA slipped an arm around Face’s waist, well, no one would notice those little gestures amidst the chaos of Christmas shopping.



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Aug. 12th, 2013 07:52 pm (UTC)
Not sure if I read this before but its wonderful! To have THAT conversation between screaming kids and toys!

"Newsflash, we are gay." Made me laugh out loud lol And the way they walked in the end is keeping it simple :D

I wonder what they bought for Murdock after all though ...maybe a Star Wars sword...one for him and one for Qui Gon...I mean Hannibal? ;)
Aug. 12th, 2013 10:08 pm (UTC)
Oh I can totally see Murdock and Hannibal playing with a pair of light-sabers!! What an image! Glad you liked this, I just love this pairing x
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